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Hello. I’m Liesbeth. 👋
A freelance product designer with more than 15 years experience building digital experiences.
Conceptualizing and crafting digital products and as such helping businesses, government and non-profits to expand their impact 🚀.

For hire:

For any long or short term project as your consultant in following areas:  digital designer  for your website, web appication or (preferably) mobile application. UX and UI design, wireframing, protoypting, user research & user testing.

My story:

I kicked off my career in 2004 in eBay, where online marketing, landing pages, html, css,… were my daily cup of tea. From there I transitioned to the online department of some famous publicity agencies, where I worked each time Digital Media Manager.
So, since the last 19 years, I’m active in the world of web & mobile applications.

The last 1O years I’m head of Web & Mobile of The Homepage, a collective of digital designers and developpers transforming ideas into digital products for various types of clients. We’re fully set up as a remote collective, but our base is anywhere between Brussels & Antwerp.