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Bilingual website to disclose information of various types of information regarding the rights of immigrant youth (<18) arriving in Belgium.

Non-profit, ngo

After I’ve designed and setup their newsletter system (design templates  & Mailchimp workshop) in a previous project, Unicef  hired me for this “information disclosure project”. The challenge was to find a userfriendly and simple system to spread of various info types to members and the general public.

I was leading the entire project from initial concept to delivery of the final website. Mobile first approach.

I used our methodology for all our application projects, starting with a clear base document regarding objectives and goals, must have and nice to have functionalities. Followed by user research (internal workshops), userflow tests, wireframe design, branding and development of final website.

Part 1: Kick off meeting

The challenge of this project was to find a system to distinguish the different sources of information and  their target public, and to determine when and why which sources were to be shared with the general public and or with members.

It was obvious that the accesibility of the info would improve a lot through a simple and direct userinterface with its own icon set.
A few internal workshops helped to gain clarity on the potential and importance of the different information types (laws, background articles, news, reviews, opinion pieces…)

Part 2: User flow & wireframes

The main issue here was to decide at which point in the flow the user could get access or find the info they were looking for.

Apart from a good search function, the idea was to make the info only with one click available, avoiding to much in-depth links. In order to keep members informed of potential interesting info, a proactive newsletter was also put in place.

Based on the final user flow, I created the wireframes.


Part 3: Branding

Based on the previous  project for Unicef, I could reuse the branding of their newsletter I created.  Therefore I elaborated the style guide with the website, the icon set and specific UI elements.