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Millenial app connecting people with the same mood on music festivals

Entertainment, music

Private investor with a lot of contacts in the world of festivals and music came directly to me in order to create a final MVP for the next funding round for this app.

I was leading the entire project from initial concept to final presentation of the MVP. A junior designer assisted me with the visual design. Our lead programmer advised on requirement for the backoffice development.


Over 3 months various workshops were held in order to gather info for our 3 main working blocks:
(1) the definition of the app, user requierements, user research, user flow & wireframes
(2) DNA of the app: branding & voice
(3) Present a clickable MVP
(4) User requierements, user flow & wireframes for backoffice (currently working on)


PART 1: Kickoff

A one-day workshop with investor and stakeholders was organized in order to define the objectives & goals of app, the target public, getting the business model of the app right, defining together the user requirments, intiation of user personas.
An interactive workshop wit post-its and even where stakeholder could draw their own wireframes made the basics clear. We also made a list wit the “the must have” features versus “the nice to have features”. On my hand, I did some previous marketing analysis of existing apps with a SWOT analysis.

PART 2: User research

Creating of user personas and additional zoom with 10 millenials about the app, mainly focussing on the importance of each ‘must have’ functionality of the app.
Final output: Google Doc with user personas and common basic functionalities of the app.

Part 3: Wireframes

Based on the user flow, wireframes are developped. Once final, clickable wireframes are used to present & test the app to a new pool of millenials.

Part 4: Branding

During a new workshop with the stakeholders, we define the DNA of the app for the visual design of the logo, app, landing pages, website, merchandising and the voice in order to match with copywriting.

On the right the application of the visual identity to a selection of  wireframes. (As the projetc is ongoing, more info can not be disclosed).

Part 5: Clickable MVP

During a full day workshop the clickable, branded MVP is presented to the stakeholders and investors. The clickable MVP is an investor tool in order to get more funding.

Part 6: Backoffice – WhatvibeStat

The main investor (a beer brand) is interested in the real life statistics of the app for particular concerts. For the moment, I’m working on the branded UI kit for the backoffice. A developper is advising on which variables to measure.

> Currently working on (Q4 2023).